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VLOG Guide 

Thank you for your participation with our VLOG on  We are thrilled to have a conversation with you.  Our audience consists of builders developers, architects, engineers, offsite construction, technology, students, shop class teachers and women in construction. 

For more information about us, click here.  

Below are instructions for your VLOG, requests of information and details about best practices. We look forward to learning, growing and expanding with you. We are so grateful for your contribution and evolving the conversation in offsite construction, passive house, high performance, building education and more.

What's Your Story?

We want to make sure we offer our audience a great show. 

It is important for us to discuss THREE takeaways.


Here are some ideas for our discussion.

-Why is this information important for our audience?

-What trends are you seeing in your industry?

-Why does this product or building material impact building and construction?

-What have you learned from your project?

-What can you teach us today?

Our team prepares for this VLOG by doing the following:

- All interviews are recorded on ZOOM.  A zoom link and calendar invite will be sent once a date and time are confirmed for your interview.

- Do you have additional individuals, vendors or hosts you would like on this interview?  Please hit this link to email our staff, and confirm.

- This is one-take recording, we will not edit any portion of this interview.  So if you make a mistake, just breathe and move to the next point.

- This interview will be 15-25 minutes in length.

- This VLOG will air on and Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Instagram please feel free to subscribe to both and share.

- We will connect a few days prior to make sure you are ready for this interview.

- If you have any questions please email us at

- We will be on zoom 5-minutes prior to your interview for additional questions.

- The show is available 2-3 weeks after the recording and a scheduled time will be promoted prior to show. Please do not share with anyone    until it is LIVE on

How can I prepare for this VLOG?

- Fill out this registration form for your interview.  This guest form requests your bio, headshot, and planning details.  We are not able to air      your program with out this form being completed.  Here is the form request.

- Please record from a computer not a cell phone

- Please use headphones or earbuds

- Please choose an area that is quiet and offers great lighting

- Subscribe to our Youtube,  LinkedIN, and Offsite Dirt pages

- Share, Share, Share - we appreciate when this interview is LINKed to your website and social media

- Let's make sure we are connected on LinkedIN

- Please share this link with any sponsors that may want to support

- Just breathe, smile and have fun, we are here to enjoy the time together, grow and expand - no judgement here

- Make sure to give us any additional information for the VLOG post, to share additional information with our audience. Email us


The VLOG is ready to post.

- A date and time will be provided for your story and featured on the events page.

- Please make sure to share your story at the posted time.

- All interviews are recorded at one time and are not edited.

- When you share please remember to tag us #offsitedirt #audreegrubesic #markwille 

- Please share all year round and especially on Youtube, we love building our audience


Thank you again for your participation.  We know how very busy your schedule is and how valuable it is. 

We are grateful that you are sharing it with us and our community at   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Disclaimer: All interviews are agreed by all parties and guests and are not paid. Each individual and company allows Offsite Dirt and staff to use the story and distribute the interview, photos and images free of charge.

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Offsite Dirt is always looking for new and exciting guests. Let's connect.

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