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2024 Compassionate Leaders Circle Awards

We're thrilled to reveal the recipients of the 2024 Compassionate Leaders Circle Award! These remarkable individuals embrace the idea of our interconnected world and leverage their influence to enact positive change for both people and the planet. Courageous, contemplative, collaborative, and deeply committed to the future, they exemplify true leadership. Thank you Forbes magazine for recognizing our leaders and honorees.

Let's come together in congratulating and honoring:

  • Gar Grannell

  • Comfort Dondo

  • Laina Raveendran Greene

  • Ish Orkar, JD, LCSW

  • Jyl Feliciano, MBA (She/Her)

  • Devon Henry

  • Geoffrey M. Roche

  • Audree Grubesic

  • Asia Pope

Audree Grubesic is the Founder of Offsite Dirt Media in Savannah, GA. Offsite Dirt Media provides events and media coverage of the offsite construction sector, focusing on showcasing innovation, sustainability, affordable housing projects, and women in construction. Audree’s vision is to collaborate with industry experts, educate on best building practices, and impact how we build, including helping women succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry. You can get to know Audree and her fascinating industry and travel with her to worldwide events by listening to her interviews with individuals and panels on the Offsite Dirt podcast.

Their dedication inspires us all to strive for a better tomorrow. Congratulations to each and every one of them! 🌟


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