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Advancing Data Conference Partners with OffSite Dirt

Returning for the 3rd year, Advancing Data Center Construction 2022 will connect

you with hundreds of pioneering End-Users, Contractors and Designers harnessing

the latest innovations to improve the efficiency and productivity of data center

design, construction and operations.

Join us to tackle the most pressing project delivery challenges and ensure you have

the technologies, people and workflows to deliver sustainable, cutting-edge data

center infrastructure of tomorrow, in record time and on budget.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the highlights for 2022:
6 deep dive workshops and 2 tracks to walk away with actionable insights
specifically relevant to your projects:
  • Optimize prefabrication and modular opportunities to improve efficiency,maximize quality, optimize costs, and achieve speed-to-market

  • Stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest industry trends – discover what’s shaping data centers of the future to redefine your strategic goals

  • Mitigate supply chain disruption and market volatility and benchmark approaches to improve efficiency and productivity, and increase collaboration and coordination

Don’t miss out – use discount code OSD10 to save 10% on your registration!


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