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AI Applications Offered at the Advancing Data Construction Summit

The Advancing Data Construction summit is heading to Overland Park, Kansas City this November to unite hundreds of owners, contractors and designers. These industry leaders will unite to share emerging best practices transforming the end-to-end design and construction of the nation’s most sustainable, innovative mission critical facilities.

The topics we’ll be delving into this Fall couldn’t be more relevant to the latest advancements within the industry…

· Join us to explore the requirements needed to accommodate AI applications such as innovations in liquid cooling.

· Our targeted sessions on power consumption and availability will level up your facility efficiencies and help you improve stability and tackle demand.

· Hear about advancements in prefabrication and modular at our specialized workshop: Enhancing Prefabrication Strategies.

· Overcome supply chain disruption as we discuss strategies for improving procurement cycles and relationships with vendors.

With all this and more on the agenda, now is the time to connect with and learn from the leading experts at the forefront of data center construction today.

Download your copy of the agenda here:

Register here (Use code OD10 for 10% off!):


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