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ASTM International Ensures a Safer World and You Have a Voice

The ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. They integrate consensus standards – developed with an international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovative services to improve lives… helping the world work better.

In every day of our lives we may take for granted that buildings are safe and won't fall down, that the elevators will go up and down without issue, or that our prescription will be exactly what we need. The ASTM International is an organization that collaborates on the creating standards for building, products, community development and other areas to make sure the world around is safe and committed to quality standards that help everyone live better.

if you are in the modular construction space or interested in sharing your expertise, your voice needs to be heard. ASTM needs YOU & You need ASTM International. ASTM was founded in 1898 and was called "American Society for Testing and Materials"

According to the ASTM there are currently:

  • 12,500+ Global ASTM Standards

  • 30,000+ Volunteer Members

  • 140+ Participating Countries

  • 120 Years of Operation

As a proponent of building in the modular and offsite space, building TINY is an area that needs standards and collaboration from those currently working in this space. Mark Wille, a contributor to Offsite Dirt shares this:

"Because this organization is made up of professionals there are often new committees and new sub-committees that arise out of need. A NEW one is of BIG importance to me and "TINY" it is not. Let's take a look at what this is and how you, your peers, coworkers and community can assist."

What is a house:

A building for people. A place for humans to habitat.

What is a home:

A place where families live. A safe place to rest.

Asking a child or adult to draw a home will yield similar features and different results. Take for example these images from Shannon Pendleton of Sanderson Sustainable Design. (Find Shannon here on LinkedIn ~ )

You have a voice.

Here's how you can help. Go to

Enter ASTM and the "E06.26" and a new subcommittee for you to become involved with.

Here is a the information directly from ASTM:

This new subcommittee (E06.26) intends to develop standards for several proposed subject areas for tiny houses, including but not limited to:

  • Best building practices

  • Test methods

  • Certification

  • A global quality assurance program

  • Requirements and auditing of third parties that provide plan review and inspect tiny houses

  • Tiny house community developments

  • Micro-grid utilities

  • Minimum construction requirements.

This group is established with the support and process of the following people as provided by ASTM: Committee E06 Officers and Staff Support.

Staff Manager: Frank McConnell

Committee Officers

Membership Secretary: Brad Schultz

First Vice-Chair: Daniel J. Lemieux

Second Vice-Chair: Deepak Shrestha

Editor: Felicia Otero

Staff Manager: Frank McConnell

Chair: Julia C. Schimmelpenningh

Administrative Assistant: Samantha Martin

Recording Secretary: Urmilla N. Jokhu-Sowell

Over the past 18 months there has been a number of meetings, and communication, calls, emails and video e-meetings to create this group and define the goals. Along the way I have met professionals from around the globe from various backgrounds and disciplines. The work to get to this point is not unnoticed. Today I would like to add light to Janet Thome for including so many voices to this conversation and the tireless work it takes to carry a flag and place it in the ground. Contact for Janet on LinkedIn:

Volunteering your voice and time is something that is common in the industry and something we need much more of. Hopefully this is of interest to you and your network. It is wonderful that the ASTM process includes the voices of many. I ask that you share your gifts and needs with this group so that it becomes the best standard possible.

Join Join Join

Yes, I am asking you to JOIN.

Please follow this link to JOIN:

I look forward to seeing you on the planning threads and at the meetings. Taking the time to share this with professionals and your media pages is the best way to spread the word. The standard is up to YOU and the people you bring. What an incredible opportunity.

Ever EXPANDING REsults to the industry. With Your Efforts We can take more #greenstepsforard ~ Mark Wille


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