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BMarko Structures Announces New Volumetric Apartment Division, Villavo

The current US housing shortage has peaked at over five million homes while construction companies struggle to keep up. Coinciding with the housing shortage is a labor shortage in the construction industry that is hindering companies from trying to meet the needs of traditional construction. BMarko Structures, an industry-leading shipping container modification company, believes they have what it takes to be a part of the solution, by utilizing volumetric construction methods that make up for the pitfalls traditional construction is currently facing.

Earlier this month, BMarko Structures announced Villavo, a brand new division bringing large-scale manufacturing, design, construction, and development under the same umbrella to deliver high-quality apartments at massively quicker timeframes all over the US. Manufacturing will be delivered through volumetric construction, which allows for the highest degree of offsite prefabrication out of any other method.

Villavo will benefit from volumetric construction’s industry-leading build speed, as they set aim on tackling the US’s worst recorded housing crisis in history.

Advantages of Volumetric Construction

The housing crisis has a number of potential answers, according to industry leaders. None may be better than volumetric construction. The benefits that volumetric construction has over other types of construction allow it to be the best solution for today's problems.

Speed: Volumetric construction allows for the construction of the actual apartments in the factory while horizontal construction is going on onsite, which can result in a shortened construction schedule of up 50%. Also, with volumetric construction occurring in a factory environment, builds are not affected by rain, wind, or snow lessening delays and keeping project deadlines on time.

Repeatability: The identical floor plans that apartments and multi-family buildings possess allows tasks to be quickly and efficiently completed inside a factory in an assembly line fashion, similar to the car industry. The assembly line construction of apartments not only makes for faster build times, but higher quality builds.

The unpredictable nature of a conventional building site leads to unanticipated outcomes. Modern technology is used by volumetric apartment manufacturers to create exact designs. You’ll get exactly what you expected from your multi-family apartment building.

Sustainability: Consumers are getting more and more concerned with sustainability. This pattern also applies to the construction industry. Since 2016, there has been a 71% increase in searches for environmentally friendly products, demonstrating growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly business practices.

Surprisingly, volumetric construction is better for the environment due to the same characteristics that make it faster. Since components are mass-produced, waste from both the raw material and construction processes is reduced. The quick, efficient assembly procedure also causes less interruption to the area around the construction site.

The factory setting means manufacturers have control over the environment. Rainy, windy, and cold weather on a building site can delay work and harm resources. During building, factories shield modules from dampness and other potential hazards allowing for far less waste than traditional construction creates.

Employee Benefits: As a result of volumetric construction taking place primarily off-site, experts have noted that working conditions can be readily managed. This makes it possible for much more uniform safety requirements. A firm that uses modular construction also avoids the dangers that bad weather might bring and workers hate. The favorable working conditions are attractive to employees that may be trying to get out of the construction industry due to harsh working environments.

From a labor shortage standpoint, assembly line manufacturing techniques allow for easier entry into the construction industry. With skilled workers in short supply, the repeated tasks used on an assembly line can be taught and trained on the job. This dramatically increases the possible workforce compared to traditional construction.

Villavo Taking Volumetric Construction a Step Further

Construction projects are currently organized around numerous stakeholders, many of whom have conflicting goals. This strategy results in each firm completing its tasks before handing them off to the following company.

What sets Villavo apart from other volumetric construction companies is its plan to be vertically integrated, housing large-scale manufacturing, design, construction, and development under the same umbrella.

“Vertical integration will allow us to control the design, which is a key ingredient to reaching manufacturing scalability. By manufacturing near identical apartments at mass scale, as well as selecting the ideal sites for our developments, we are able to deliver apartments on time, at 15% less cost, and 2.5 times faster than traditional construction,” says CEO, Antony Kountouris.

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