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Building for a Greener Future: Exploring High Performance Homes and Buildings with Ubergreen Spaces

OffSite Dirt hosts Mark Willie and Audree Grubesic chat with Sy Safi from Ubergreen Spaces and Homes. Sy Safi explains that traditional builds often lack a continuous air barrier, water barrier, and vapor control layer, as well as proper insulation and windows for climate zones. These missing components lead to higher energy bills, less comfort inside the home or building, higher operating expenses, and more maintenance needed over time.

The Appraisal Institute has created a green residential addendum that allows homeowners to check off these features when selling their homes which can increase its value on the market. Proper orientation of the building is also important for natural daylighting and heating throughout winter months while orienting solar panels correctly for maximum efficiency. The interviewee discusses the importance of modular and panelized construction in achieving high performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability goals. Panelization allows for multiple scopes of work to be completed in one piece of material, reducing liability and increasing efficiency.

Ubergreen Spaces & Homes offers consulting, design, and turnkey projects using panelized wall systems. They prioritize adaptability and flexibility to meet clients' needs while still achieving their end goal of reducing energy usage and leaving a positive impact on the environment.


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