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Building science technics are improving High School shop

Matt Blomquist a high school teacher in Taylorville, IL is changing the way shop class is educating its students. Construction is not only about building, it is about understanding energy performance and the science behind it. "Our students are already learning these technics in math class." said Matt Blomquist. It's time to translate this information into building applications.

Matt explains this new approach and why students are excited about learning it. Building in shop class is evolving the curriculum to involve science and better building practices. The students are experiencing thermal transfer, how energy is measured and why air tightness in the building envelope is important.

We are continuing these conversations to figure out how to implement building and construction in a higher level of high school learning. Students want to understand more than just using their hands, they want to use their minds. Building to a higher level of comfort, live ability and measuring energy changes the approaches to sustainability.


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