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Container news: Aaron Barnett, of Banging Toolbox Designs Tiny House

According to Aaron Barnett of, shipping containers can be an affordable and highly portable solution for a tiny house, office, DJ booth, sauna, cafe, cabin, or a small retail shop. The options are endless with a bit of DIY or help from a builder. Shipping containers maintain plenty of strength in just 4 corners, so cutting out holes for windows and doors can be done anywhere and relatively quickly with an electric angle grinder.

Aaron notes that "Designing a tiny house can be a challenge as fitting inside all your furniture is hard. You might have to make a furniture sacrifice, because of the limited space between shipping container walls, or the edges of your trailer."

With this in mind, Aaron offers help with free software to help you design your next living or work space from a shipping container. Check it out:

Banging Toolbox helps builders, mechanics, and even DIY’er and homeowners get things done more effectively and more affordably when the time comes for building and woodworking. Woodworking and building is a passion for many and a way to save or earn a living while increasing your quality of life through the satisfaction of your own high-quality projects.


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