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Containers: Small Living Ideas

A big idea in a small space.

"Container living is a trend that plays off the popularity of green architecture and the micro apartment movement, but it doesn't have to be a sacrifice. These homes are not meant for everyone, but for those passionate about eco living and homesteading, a container house offers a lot of big benefits in a small package. Small living in container houses is practical, inexpensive, and sustainable. Using shipping containers as the basic building block, container houses provide affordable shelter with modern everyday conveniences."

- Zac Houghton, CEO at Loftera, the leading source of home improvement advice for UK households, providing accurate pricing information for most home improvement jobs since 2017. Loftera also offers construction, renovation and interior services to local clients.

Shipping Container for Garden Rooms.

When not fulfilling the role for which they were actually constructed, shipping containers can be utilised for a variety of purposes, some examples are housing, studios, storage, office space and so on, the possibilities are endless. It should also be remembered that the recycling of shipping containers is beneficial to the environment. We will be concentrating upon the use of shipping containers as garden rooms.

A shipping container garden room can add valuable living space to your home; if you are not a fan of the industrial appearance of a container, or you feel that your neighbours would prefer to see a more traditional style of garden room and you would like to prevent complaints, then you can always disguise it by using cladding, your container would then appear to be constructed of wood. You can also use paint in a colour that will blend in well with the container surroundings – dark green is always a popular choice, fencing, or for a longer term disguise, you could plant a hedge - James Barron |


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