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Continue To Learn & Continue To Share

Challenges allow us to grow. Opportunities along with problems allow us to learn new things and figure out solutions.

Enter Michael Ingui & Dylan Ingui.

These creative PHriends always share what they are learning and what they are trying to figure out.

Dylan created a record that I hope others will shatter. He became the Youngest Passive House Consultant/Designer and this was during his early years in High School. Fast Forward he entered the competition with a classmate, they learned sketchup together and ended up winning.

"The Sweet 16 Wall Assembly Contest is one of the things that I can consistently look forward to on a yearly basis. It is such a great way to experience and simulate the process of designing an eco-friendly wall assembly." ~Dylan Ingui

Upon graduating from High School in New York his University Schedule was starting a semester after his classmates. Taking advantage of this time he took on an internship in Germany with Passive House Institute.

"When I received the email from Jessica allowing me to intern at Passivhaus Institute, I was absolutely ecstatic. Even during my time at PHI it was such a beneficial experience for me to continue to learn about/research Passive House and I am so grateful for the opportunity." Dylan Ingui

What more can one squeeze in? Well the new Student Track by PHIUS at #phiuscon was looking for people to speak and let me add that many of us nominated Dylan to take the podium. Truth be told he grabbed my attention out of the gate during this presentation and if you looked to that back of the room at the eyes of Shannon Pendleton & Mark Wille ... you would have seen tears of joy as his topic and delivery grabbed our heart strings.

Presenting at PHIUSCON was one of the highlights of 2022 for me. I was so thrilled when Zack Semke and James Hartford asked me to be a part of such a crucially important event. ~ Dylan Ingui Currently Dylan is in classes at the University of Michigan. Please take the time to connect with him on LinkedIn: InstaGram: While clicking these links and connecting with Dylan let's keep connecting and follow these links to Michael Ingui. Michael Ingui - Architect: Baxt Ingui Architects:

A partner at Baxt Ingui Architects since 2000, Michael believes in creative collaborations and allows his artistic process to inform his designs, blending art and architecture to award winning spaces and groundbreaking businesses. Michael is also co-founder of BIA Interiors (2016), an integrated and forward-thinking interiors firm within Baxt Ingui. A leader in High performance buildings, Michael is also the founder of the Passive House Accelerator (2019); and co-founder of Source 2050 (2021).

Link to Passive House Accelerator:

Link to Source 2050:

Thank You for taking the time to learn about Dylan and Michael. We started by saying: Challenges allow us to grow. Opportunities along with problems allow us to learn new things and figure out solutions.

Their examples of being creative and sharing what they learn with their community is very exciting, creating a place for community to learn is also necessary. Keep learning and sharing your work with others.

Together we can take #greenstepsforward for OffSiteDIRT ~Mark Wille


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