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Cooling with Confidence: Radiant Cooling Technology with Messana

Meet Messana, a company that specializes in radiant cooling technology. Dive into learning about the concept of radiant cooling, which involves extracting heat from a building to cool it down using panels on the ceiling. The system includes sensors and controls for monitoring humidity levels and adjusting temperature accordingly.

Radiant cooling has many benefits for both new and existing construction projects, as well as its ease of installation for architects and installers. Overall, Messana radiant cooling systems provide the efficiency and comfort provided by this technology compared to traditional heating/cooling systems.

The system reacts quickly to changes in temperature and can switch from heating to cooling easily. While the panel is easy to assemble, installation requires a certified hydronic installer due to the need for a heat pump and water pumps. Messana offers training programs for installers and works with homeowners who have their own preferred installer.

Alessandro Arnulfo, CEO After coming to the US from Italy, Alessandro found himself looking for the ideal way to manage the climate of his own home. After struggling to find a system that met all of his needs, Alessandro decided to take matters into his own hands, leading him to become a pioneer in hydronics and radiant cooling technology within the US HVAC industry. Since then, Alessandro and the team at Messana have developed a comprehensive climate management system comprised of: HVAC controls, radiant ceiling panels, room comfort sensors, and air treatment units.

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