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CSHQA Architects Are Leaders in Prefab Design Solutions

In this month's Offsite Construction series, Audree M Grubesic introduces Jesse Goldman, Principal of prefab design solutions at CSHQA, an architectural firm with over a century of history. They explore Jesse's background in modular construction, emphasizing client-centric approaches and educational initiatives. Jesse, who oversees the Denver office, provides insights into the firm's commitment to innovation.

Jesse Goldman delves into the intricate task of configuring unique developments, maintaining a balance between consistency and avoiding a factory-like appearance. He shares the wealth of experience, particularly in quick-serve restaurant (QSR) projects, highlighting the firm's problem-solving approach for clients with distinctive challenges. The conversation touches on modular construction challenges, including effective communication with building departments.

Audree Grubesic expresses appreciation for the approach of starting with ideas and treating them as flexible starting points, rather than imposing pre-determined solutions. The focus on collaborative creation, assembling a team tailored to the client's needs, reflects a powerful and client-centric mindset. Jesse emphasizes the importance of responsiveness to the client's context and needs, fostering a creative and adaptive process—a distinguishing factor for CSHQA architecture firm. This commitment sets them apart in the industry, recognizing that true solutions emerge through collaboration, understanding, and a proactive approach.


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