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Design to Build Cooperative offers the Cargotecture home

“Design To Build is a ”New Majority-owned, Cargotecture development/fabrication cooperative based in Dayton, Ohio. “Cargotecture” is modified shipping containers into residential, commercial, industrial and recreational infrastructure.

Kémo A’akhutera is the CEO, of The Design to Build Cooperative. This is a modular construction and real estate development firm, operating as a for-profit cooperative, that converts shipping containers into prefabricated, sustainable spaces for persons in underdeveloped communities to live with dignity, work efficiently and enjoy life. Originally launched in 2018, we have grown to a 9 person team.

At the beginning of May 2022, after 1.5 years of negotiations, we closed on a 50,000 square foot facility, out of which, we’ll be doing the fabricating of ISBU’s into livable/workable/playable places and spaces! They’ll roll in as a raw shipping container and leave out as 95% completed habitable modular residential, commercial, industrial or recreational buildings or modules of buildings. DTB designs and builds housing solutions that can be placed quickly, conveniently, and cost effectively. Our products help Affordable Housing Agencies, Disaster Relief Organizations, and government programs like those offered by FEMA to: - Be prepared with a rapidly deployable, mobile solution; - Control and manage costs by offering a reusable housing alternative; - Provide a solution that meets green building initiatives; - Maximize impact by offering flexible, compact housing where space may be limited. This concept is the first permanent residential model. It will be a 3 bed/2 bath 720 square feet micro home.

The Cooperative Opportunity - The approach is assemble and galvanize a team of some of the most experienced development/construction professionals that we could and establish an organization that would allow us to address both the shortage of skilled labor as well as cost- prohibitiveness of affordable and sustainable development and construction, while greatly benefiting the worker- owners involved in bringing about such a catalytic shift. Kemo is looking for our help his company grow. Here is a link to assist with funding for his modular factory. If you are interested please hit the link and donate. The first homes will be located in Ohio. Website: Caption and Original Video (allow to load, at top of page) for WDTN News Segment: WDTN Channel 2 News Segment Video: Dayton Biz Journal Article:


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