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Did you know, Wesco distributes Exterior Wall Systems for Offsite?

Wesco introduces us to Chris Tate of Nichiha USA Inc. to explain more about their product solutions, distribution capabilities and trusted relationship in the expanding modular and offsite construction segment. Nichiha USA Inc. provides exterior cladding or wall systems for offsite construction projects that make installation easy. Their team of experts can provide a list of certified installers, helping to ensure your project is completed with quality and efficiency.

Connect with Wesco’s Manufactured Structures team at

For more information about Wesco’s services:

For more information:

Kent Anderson, Sr. Business Development Manager Wesco Distribution Inc 828-962-1376

Nichiha USA Inc. Chris Tate - Hospitality Sales Manager 6465 East Johns Crossing, Suite 250 Johns Creek, GA 30097 | Nichiha USA, Inc. [] C: 404-538-1261 Install Guides [] | Install Videos [] | Architectural Details []

Nichiha MasterSpec: []


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