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Digital Planning Aids in Sustainable Projects: GPod

Audree and Mark invite Andrew Seeley, founder of GPod, to OffSite Dirt conversations. They dive into the digital planning conversations that aid in bringing more earth friendly buildling designs.

Digital planning helps us to understand the physical where’s and how’s and then determine how to execute it better using modeling. Changing the design and seeing how it holds up to heat or sunshine and what local products/materials can be better utilized in the build design.

Andrew notes. "Technology will take us to the next level in building." His Nexus is a modern development platform that scales and even relocates as needed.

GPod Americas are leading the improvement of modern, high tech, high design, high performance architecture. Beautifully designed, durable permanent or relocatable building system-based structures, construction support and utility infrastructure that can be transported as needed. Iconic designs. Rapid assembly and deployment. The very best in low impact development that preserves your site, your health and your free time.


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