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Empowering Sustainable Construction: A Conversation with Carly Althoff

In a recent heartwarming exchange, Audree Grubesic and Mark Wille, hosts of Offsite Dirt met up with Carly Althoff to discuss the world of construction, collaboration, and humanitarian efforts. She is featured in our Women In Building series, to celebrate her architect journey with Journeyman International Inc.

Carly and Audree delved into the process of changing backgrounds and navigating the virtual realm like seasoned pros and about their previous interactions.

Drawing from her impressive writing experience, Carly shared how she aims to enhance the article's content, ensuring it resonates with readers on a profound level. We couldn't help but touch upon future projects and eagerly sought out details to add to our respective websites, showcasing the collaborative spirit that underpins our work.

The discussion gracefully transitioned to personal topics, as pronunciations, locations, and travel experiences intermingled. Carly and Audree found common ground with Mark as they all explored travel preferences, with Mark playfully expressing his preference for trains over boats, attributed to his claustrophobia.

Moving onto categorizing the discussion, the group discussed various options, from news to women in construction. Ultimately, they unanimously agreed to shed light on the invaluable role of women in the construction industry, celebrating their resilience and achievements.

In a wonderful turn of events, Carly Althoff became a guest on the show and shared her incredible experience working as an architect in Rwanda. She emphasized the importance of being humble and open-minded when navigating different cultural contexts, an invaluable lesson that transcends borders.

Some challenges she faced in the project were the timelines and expectations. She shed light on the unique communication methods employed in her work, relying on informal channels like WhatsApp and face-to-face interactions, bridging gaps with warmth and understanding.

Carly's organization, Journeyman International Inc., stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration and sustainable infrastructure in developing countries. The conversation highlighted the need for locally run branch offices to manage projects sustainably, a vision Carly envisioned expanding to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Passionate about humanitarian-focused construction work, Carly discussed the impact of her projects, showcasing the profound change brought to the communities she serves.

Carly Althoff, NCARB

Architect + Executive Director Journeyman International, Inc.

Mobile: +250 787 825 499


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