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Empowering The Modular Construction Revolution with Technology

Empowering the Modular Construction Revolution with Technology. Jason Barber is the Vice President of Industry Solutions and Strategy at Manufacton, a cloud-based off-site construction, supply chain, and material management platform. Barber has been in the construction industry since 2005. Prior to Manufacton he ran operations for Dynalectric Colorado an Emcor division and served as resident engineer and construction manager at Kiewit. He is a registered Professional Engineer and holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University.

Jason discusses the modular construction revolution using technology. Modular has the following benefits:

  • Lower project costs by 20% or more.

  • Cuts construction time in half.

  • Improve resource recruiting

  • Increased productivity

  • overall improvements in safety and quality

Using a technology like Manfuction can help leverage the power of prefabrication, with tools that integrate supply chain, prefab production and planning. We are AEC and technology veterans who are working with construction industry leaders, designing for efficiency, usability and best practices.


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