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Enlightening Outdoor Spaces: Exploring Outdoor Lighting with Lakes Illumination Technology

OffSite Dirt hosts Audree Grubesic and Mark Wille introduce Sean Gilfoy of Lakes Illumination Technology, a company that specializes in outdoor lighting and architectural lighting.

Sean explains the advancements in LED technology and how they allow for more sophisticated control over lighting systems, including color changing lights, zoning, and dimming. The technology has led the company's expansion into outdoor entertainment systems such as sound systems and TVs. The group discusses ideal clients for these services and how they are becoming increasingly popular due to people spending more time at home during the pandemic.

Sean Gilfoy, Lakes Illumination
Sean Gilfoy, Lakes Illumination

Sean Gilfoy grew up in Delavan Wisconsin and went to Badger High School focusing on Architecture and eventually went to UW-Platteville studying Civil Engineering. Sean worked at a Private Estate in Lake Geneva and eventually managed the estate. Here he grew a passion for lighting and landscaping. He was taught by some of the best light designers and companies in the States. Once the estate was sold, he worked in the public sector for a couple years before starting Lakes Illumination Technology.

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