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Expert Algesco Explains Benefits of Modular Building

Experts in modular construction, Algesco, formerly Elliott, share thoughts on benefits of modular building.

"Modular is different from traditional building...

*'Modular construction is a term that describes a range of non-traditional

construction. The main difference between modular construction and

traditional construction is that modular buildings are constructed

off-site. This means constructing components of a building in a different

location to where the building will eventually be erected. Modules can

either be built in factory controlled settings then transported onto site

and craned into position to form whole buildings, or they come in almost

‘flat pack’ form. With this ‘flat pack’ form, the components are

transported like this for efficiency and then put together on site. Either

way, modular buildings can vary from just being basic storage units with

shelving, to fully fitted restaurants, nurseries or living accommodation.

It is almost like Lego in that they can be low-rise one storey buildings or

you can keep putting pieces together to create virtually unlimited floor

areas. *

*Aside from the actual construction of buildings, the hiring solutions

available with modular buildings also makes modular construction differ

from traditional construction. This is an increasingly popular way to meet

people’s building and accommodation needs as in such a fast-moving and

unpredictable world, the flexibility offered by hiring solutions is

unmatched. Hiring solutions are able to offer you temporary building

solutions to accommodate for from two to 1000+ people, but also mean you

don’t have to worry about maintenance or disposal costs.

For example, this kind of solution is especially beneficial for long-term construction sites

as modular buildings can provide temporary office space. Elliot worked on The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm project, providing them with two modular buildings for office

facilities for the contractor crews. Being that the project was in a remote

location, it was important to ensure high quality welfare and modular

office spaces were available to the contractors for the 260 week lease.''

Algeco (formerly known as Elliott) is a market-leading supplier of portable and modular buildings across the UK and Europe, offering your organisation the perfect space to work, learn or live. From single portable buildings to stylish and inspiring multi-storey design and build structures, our temporary and permanent modular building solutions are constructed off-site in quality-controlled environments to the highest standards before being fully fitted and delivered to your exact requirements.


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