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FAQs from Freight World

FAQs from Freight World

What opportunity exists in container trade, that would interest the truckload/freight community?

  • $9B Container Market

  • Just need cash, space, and forethought

  • Containers make money throughout their life (rent/ lease/ liquidation)

  • Essential Industry

What are the different types and uses of containers?

  • Conditions / Specialized

  • Not just shipping and storage – construction, fab, modular, safes

  • Under-appreciated technology

What kind of equipment is needed for load/offload, and transportation of containers?

  • Flatbed Std vs Stepdeck HC

  • Depot/Term/Port have cranes and equip, delivery (landoll need?)

Are there any regulations required in domestic container trade, that would cause a barrier to entry?

  • Typical DOT Requirements

  • Reiterate Height Variation

  • TWIC and SCAC at Ports/Terminals

How does one begin to understand pricing and sourcing of containers?

  • Knowledge is local

  • Discounts in Bulk

  • Dependent on Transportation so correlated supply/demand


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