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G-Pods on the Move. Meet Andrew Seelye

Andrew Seelye is the managing partner to G-pod Global and serves the Americas territory from Central Texas. His background crosses many areas including graphic design and underwater construction and engineering, but his introduction to modular came out of necessity. As a true midwesterner born in Chicago, he is outgoing, optimistic and charismatic. But his sights are set on helping create a bigger space in the future of home and commercial construction. They want to play a role in bringing solutions to the world building durable, sustainable, and unique design to the building market.

He wanted to build or purchase a container that could be shipped to different locations to live. A pod-style space that could be lifted up and transferred anywhere in the world. A friend who was helping to solve the problem shared a link to a G-Pod from down under and he was off to becoming a distributor for G-pod Americas.

The first container living space, called the "dwell" is uniquely designed for a drop and live space. The dwell is a relocatable home with a focus on environmental sustainability and impeccable build quality. It is easy to set-up, efficient and affordable. The dwell can be connected to electrical, water and wastewater utilities or operated autonomously as needed.

These modular concepts are an easy one-step solution to setting up home or office instantly.

The newest project embarkment is the nexus. The nexus scales and moves as needed. This type of development platform is an interesting project on the ground. It's a modular solution using same size modular but each modular has a different finish or structure. One pod might have laundry and kitchen and one might be a covered deck. They are assembled and fitted out to meet a wide range of needs to create single module design or create large spaces.

They can include radius corners and be more fun with simple designs that are more unique than other modular design space. Think of the nexus as a connecting train with individual pieces that might be the engine, the sleep car, the living room or caboose.


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