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Going Green with OffSite Dirt

Host Audree Grubesic of the DIRT Series meets with Mark Wille and Katie Kaluzny. Katie is a natural leader with a passion for sustainability, and she has a strong vision for the USGBC-Illinois Chapter's future. Mark Wille has been involved with Illinois Green Alliance since its inception bringing people together.

Illinois Green Alliance is a membership-driven nonprofit that works to promote green buildings and sustainable communities. We believe that green infrastructure is key to strengthening neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for everyone. We are the local affiliate of USGBC.

To move this vision forward, the organization is committed to:

- Advancing the latest in technology and design through education, hosting nearly 75 programs every year.

- Advocating new policies, like energy benchmarking.

- Conducting community engagement initiatives that involve thousands of volunteer hours such as our annual Green Apple Day of Service. Our work is made possible through our broad network of dedicated members and volunteers including real estate professionals, architects, engineers, designers, contractors, product manufacturers, policy makers, utility experts, home builders, and others who are bringing their passion, expertise and commitment to transform the built environment.


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