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Healthy Building: Programs that reduce costs, protect people and the environment

OffSite Dirt meets healthy building design with experts making history in construction.

Host Audree Grubesic meets Mark Wille, High Performance Construction Tech Professional, Sandra Henry with Elevate, and Alicia Ponce with AP Monarch for a green, healthy building conversation. Listen here:

Sandra Henry has been in the industry for 30 years working on energy efficiency in buildings. She join the team of Chicago as their Chief Sustainability Officer (public office) several years ago. At that time, her experience expanded from just energy consumption to benefits in health and waste. Her mission was bringing these benefits to all people not just the ones that could afford it.

Alicia Ponce started on a mission for healthy environment, human occupants and what was happening outside the building. They all met with through the Illinois Green Alliance, Mark Wille made this connection. He wanted support these women in the Green Build Event in Chicago, and Sandra was the chairman at that time. These two companies are changing they way we build in Chicago, not only in saving energy but also designing with a purpose.


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