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"High Performance building is my love for the natural, manmade design process."

Shannon Pendleton, CPHC of Sanderson Design designs and build panel systems for companies and homeowners looking for a higher energy efficient project.

What attracted you to your role/position?

Love for the natural, the manmade, and the design process.

What are your goals for the next 24 months?

Inspire + Elevate all the young minds I can, either in person or online. To show them we have the solutions to climate change at our fingertips and all we have to do is find our place in the solution.

How will this company impact others?

We educate, translate, elevate + celebrate great individuals, projects and teams. We pair novices with experts.

What are the latest trends in high performance?

Love is the always ahead of the curve. If you love what you do you'll be inspired by what's next.

Do you have a quote or mantra that keeps you inspired? If not, how do you keep moving forward? Great question. This is one I keep in front of me on my computer. I came to it by way of a friend over 16 years ago and use it often - please pass it on. "TRUST over distrust, INCLUSION over exclusion, DIALOGUE over debate, CREATIVE RESOLUTION over blaming + complaining." + recently I added "+ EMPATHY over judgment".


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