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High Performance Wall Panels are making a big impact in Offsite Construction

Edie Dillman, Co-Founder of B.PUBLIC Prefab, Shannon Pendleton, CPHC of Sanderson Design, and Ilka Cassidy with Holzraum System all expand on they way they build high performance wall panel structures. These companies are changing the way homes are being built. The panel systems are measured for of LEED, Passive House and Green certification if requested by the client or homeowner.

Hosts Mark Wille and Audree Grubesic dive deep into the construction of these panels and the energy savings brought to the project. Each company explains how their panel system is operated. More individual home owners are seeking to have a healthier home and higher quality built structure and each one of these companies have increased their product.

What is classified as high-performance?

Simple Building Science principles w/Strict Metrics with Rigorous Testing

What are the benefits of 3rd party rating systems?

It’s how to know you’ll get what you pay for Owner’s aren’t caught in the middle between the architect and builder another set of eyes on it.

What are the benefits offsite produced projects?

90% less weather Increased quality and testing Secure Pricing + Fewer change orders Earlier decision making Opportunities for large and small construction companies.

Where do you see the industry and your company going in the future?

Panel construction that’s scalable for residential, commercial and multifamily Units that can be lifted with smaller equipt.

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