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How Volumetrics Is Making an Impact in Construction

The use of volumetric construction has the potential to reduce on site waste by 90%. The manufacturing and erection process produces less than 0.6% waste to landfill compared to traditional construction processes.

Volumetric offsite methods offer complete building answers to housing, hospitals, student accommodation, office buildings, schools, and affordable housing projects. Advantages are numerous and run across all aspects of construction from MEP to structural development. Even exterior and interior finishes are available in this volumetric approach presenting ways to decrease time and waste production plus ensures better quality control,

As a result of this, volumetric offsite methods have the potential to help achieve a waste reduction of up to 90% on site compared to traditional construction. By bringing most trades within a controlled factory environment it has been proven that the generation of waste can be limited to less than 1.8% of the total weight of materials processed, and that appropriate recycling measures can limit the waste sent to landfill to less than 0.6%


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