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IceBox Challenge, Part 2 on High Performance Build

The second part of Ice Box Challenge with High Performance Build on Offsite Dirt has Shaun St Amour and Mark Wille explaining the design of the Passive House and standard building code designs from the event that took place in September 2017 in Seattle, WA. The interior is the same size but the exterior is much different because of a great barrier to assist with air tightness and higher amounts of insulation.

After 20 days of this experiment, it proves the Passive House design showed a higher level of ice still remaining meaning, it is more resilient and higher performance. This project was done by the Passive House Northwest community. The additional challenges that took place in 2017 were also in Oakland, CA. Each Ice Box Challenge has to take into account the weather and environmental factors of that location. The following year New York City did a challenge in April 2018. As Mark says, "A little east coast flavor" with the brilliant colors and design for NYC. Over 250,000 people attended this experience and the Passive House ice box was the success story here.

The next stop was Washington DC in July 2018 and then off to Pittsburgh, PA. Additional countries like Australia, West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, CA, Glasgow, Scotland, and many others. Finally the review of these displays on the Passive House design proved the following benefits; comfort, air quality, sound and daylight, simplicity and beauty. The quantitative principles are air tightness, high insulation, high performance windows, low thermal bridging, and balanced ventilation.


New York IBC pic

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