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KD Construction Builds High Performance Custom Homes Through Value

Kyle and Laura Debettignies of KD Construction are business partners and husband and wife. They build custom homes in Northern Iowa. They discuss how working together has been a change for them, transitioning from working with others to just the two of them.

Mark Wille and Audree Grubesic, Hosts of Offsite Dirt discuss the challenges of working together but emphasize the importance of communication in their relationship. They have learned to communicate effectively. They also mention the importance of creating safe spaces for clients, focusing on health benefits and using high-quality materials. Kyle explains that they provide detailed information to potential customers about why they choose certain materials and how it will benefit them in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. They differentiate themselves by offering value rather than just being builders.

Mark praises their approach and mentions that they are supported by manufacturers like Rockwell, Huber and others. Mark also expresses his appreciation for meeting Kyle Debettignies through a mutual friend and suggests collaborating on projects. It is time to find a custom home builder that wants to listen, build to higher energy standards and just cares about the client.

Contact: Kyle Debettignies



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