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Live with Nature ANNA Design

Modular is different. It’s more than just a box. It’s a living, breathing, interchangeable, solution to living. ANNA is a new modular design to enjoy the simplicity of life in nature or anywhere.

Photo credit Tonu Tunnel and Jorrit 't Hoen

ANNA is designed by Caspar Schols. As a gift for his mother, in 2016 he designed and built Garden house for his mother. This project led to a number of award nominations and brought his work to world renown forefront. He believes that “Every human being should be structurally connected to nature through dynamic home design.“

Video credits Jonas Sacks

The home is built with inland Larch fir combined with Birch ply interiors. It is made to the highest standards with a 10-year factory warranty. The wood trusses are reminiscent of old train stations and railways which rely on side walls for structural integrity.

Video credits Jonas Sacks

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Video credits Jonas Sacks


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