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Marshall Fires Destruction to Rebuilding with Incentives

Robby Schwarz the Principal Thinker at BUILDTank, Inc. has taken on the position of Marshall Fire New Homes Building Advisor in Colorado. Karen Benner of Building Better with Karen tells Robby's story on Offsite Dirt.

Photos of the Marshall Fire

The Marshall fire took place in December 2021, in 3 jurisdictions within Boulder County, and resulted in the loss of over 580 homes. The Energy Office of Colorado and Xcel Energy are working together to offer rebates and incentives to those who rebuild with improved energy efficiency, health, comfort and resilience.

Photos of the Marshall Fire

Incentives are available on a sliding scale of improved performance, as compared to the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). As the New Homes Building Advisor, Robby supports homeowners, builders, contractors, code officials and anyone involved in the rebuild efforts, by educating and offering suggestions, at no cost to Boulder County residents.

Robby has over 25-years experience in high-performance homebuilding, energy modeling, and the development of building energy codes. Through his experience, commitment and connections in Colorado, he is making a big difference advising others on building better.








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