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As of September 2022 in the US, 1571 multi-family, commercial or institutional projects that have been constructed with or in design with, mass timber construction. The benefits of wood build projects enable a lower carbon impact for high-performance building. Architects, engineers and contractors need to collaborate to meet the growing demand for mass timber buildings. While developers across the country are pursuing this timber project, knowledge of these professionals is not very wide spread.

The Wood Works Organization answers the questions that arise in this field of operations. When designing and building with mass timber, the approach, plan and performance Woodworks offers is free project support, education and resources to make your project flow.

There is nation-wide support for the cold compliant design, engineering and construction of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings. There is information regarding allowable heights, construction types, structural detailing, wood framed in hybrid systems, and fire acoustic symbols. There is also support for lateral system design, alternate means of compliance, energy efficient detailing and building systems technologies that can answer questions regarding your project. Woodworkers offer one-on-one support and assistance in all areas of the country and there are regional directors that can assist you. Other resources offered are introductions to Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments throughout the WBLCA. There are resources relating to bionic carbon and carbon storage as well as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for wood products and how to use environmental product declarations. For more information contact

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