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Merlin AI: A Game-Changing Innovation for the Offsite Construction Industry

Introducing Merlin AI: a game-changing innovation reshaping business operations by integrating traditional methods with advanced AI technology. Driven by artificial intelligence, our platform enhances every aspect of your operations, including project planning, financial management, inventory control, and sales enablement, for unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.


This team boasts seasoned tech veterans, with leadership experience spanning companies like Amazon, Data Centers, Crane, Honeywell, Schneider Electric. Our mission is crystal clear: to streamline processes, save time, and cut costs through automation, lean principles, and cutting-edge technology.


At Merlin, their envision establishing a central hub tailored for construction business owners, providing comprehensive insights into their operations, landed costs, and actual profitability. Through the integration of all pertinent data into a user-friendly platform, they eradicate the necessity for multiple software solutions, delivering unparalleled visibility and efficiency. Ultimately, the aim is to save their clients valuable time and resources.


Their dedication extends to crafting intuitive tools that streamline intricate procedures, empowering their clients to make well-informed strategic choices for their business expansion. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, they aspire not only to bolster their clients' achievements but also to catalyze positive environmental transformation.

Merlin AI serves builders, manufacturers, modular factories, developers, and business owners navigating the intricacies of accounting, operations, and project management.  The solution is tailored to the needs, utilizing cross-platform intelligence gleaned from invoicing, estimates, and contextual data analysis. Their objective - To simplify business tasks and enhance profitability, enabling the company to reinvest their time and resources for sustained success. Welcome to Merlin, where the fusion of AI and ingenuity revolutionizes  business.

Merlin AI is thrilled to announce that demos are now available for all vertical products within the technology platform. Their mission is to cultivate a new vision in construction, one where individuals feel empowered, informed, and equipped to save money. With their versatile and functional solution, the clients have the flexibility to start with one vertical and seamlessly add others as needed. This platform integrates smoothly with Revit, Quickbooks, Gmail, Microsoft Office Suite, and they're currently working on Sage integration.

But don't just take their word for it. Here's what their clients have to say about the Merlin AI product... “Managing construction costs can be a nightmare. Switching to Merlin is a game changer, it not only streamlined our processes but also saved me thousands in overhead costs” – Bryan


“Prior to using Merlin, my team dedicated numerous hours each month managing Quickbooks. Since adopting Merlin, I am now able to scale efficiently, taking on more clients than I ever thought possible” -Alec


“My company dedicated minimum of 32 hours each month to managing our project. With Merlin, I have slashed this to 4 hours or less a month with absolutely no inaccuracies. The AI component is truly incredible at saving us time and preventing potential errors.”- Joshua


Join the construction evolution revolution with heightened intelligence!!!!!!!!







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