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Modular Build Design: What's the difference?

Zac Houghton weighs in... Zac Houghton, is the CEO at Loftera. They are the leading source of home improvement advice for UK households, providing accurate pricing information for most home improvement jobs since 2017. Loftera also offers construction, renovation and interior services to local clients.

Modular construction is a method of building whereby floors, walls and roofs are constructed in independent modules that are then joined together to form the final building. This method simplifies construction processes because modules can be constructed offsite. Traditional construction may build a single wall but with modular it can be built as a unit and installed as a unit.. The major difference between modular construction and traditional building is that operation-to-deployment time is expedited. Traditional building is a linear process, with trades starting at the foundation and working their way up to the roof. Modular construction starts from the top-down, with panels created from wood or steel modules that are transported along a trailer, ready for instant installation. Both methods can produce a high-quality building, but modular construction does it faster and more efficiently. Therefore, modular construction is a more economical alternative to conventional building methods. Zac Houghton CEO


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