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Modular Builder Turned Developer and Now Consulting on Capital

On Offsite Dirt this month, we have a conversation with Steve Bennett from ATH Consulting Services, a company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for our clients' most intricate challenges. Over the years, they've cultivated strong relationships with banks and private lenders, offering a comprehensive array of financing options for builders and developers. These include Interim Construction Loans for single-family homes, Builder Model/Spec Homes loans, Rehab Loans, Bridge loans, Commercial Interim Construction Loans, Commercial Lot/Land Loans, and Subdivision Development Loans.

Reflecting on his journey, Steve reminisces about the early days of modular construction, where homes were still connected to an I-Frame underneath, known as frame-on. Back then, cranes weren't utilized to set homes; instead, a robotic system or tracker was employed to maneuver modular homes into place. Steve specialized in crafting Craftsman-style homes with a 6-12 pitch roof system, typically measuring 30' x 53', adorned with a welcoming front porch.

With over 24 years of experience, Steve's career in development began in Waxahachie, TX, just south of Dallas. There, he transformed a plot of land into a vibrant community comprising seven lots, mastering the intricacies of entitlement, construction, and development. Steve's passion for helping others and creating homes naturally evolved into consulting on funding for various development projects, driven by the desire to address the housing needs in Texas. He thrives on challenges and finds fulfillment in facilitating the financing of projects, contributing to the growth of housing opportunities in the state.

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