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Modular Elevator Solutions for Offsite & Onsite Construction

Modular elevators offer a solution for both onsite and offsite possiblities.

Russell Ward of Modular Elevator Manufacturing Company, discusses using a modular elevator for traditional and offsite construction projects.

Their process takes the hoist way (entire product) and builds all the pieces or components for that elevator in the factory and then it's brought to the site. It can be used on a traditional project because it can be assembled and connected to an existing building.

This is the same for a modular projects, but most likely the elevator is the first element to the build site. This elevator is used to transport materials and people from floor to floor in the new building, along with being finished for the completed project. It's a bit easier for them to work with the modular industry because they understand the system and using an assembled product on site. On the traditional side, there is more education for these companies to understand. Either way, there is a great use for both areas of the business with a modular elevator.


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