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Vida Luz Development, a Holistic Approach to Living, Wellness and Planned Development

Offsite Dirt Construction Series Shares Vida Luz and Cornerstone Collective insights on the modular construction world and their upcoming projects.

For this installment of our Offsite Construction Series, we shared Vida Luz Development and Cornerstone Collective’s insights on the modular construction world and their upcoming projects.

Vida Luz has big plans to create holistic, sustainable communities using modular construction. Along with the community plans themselves, they also have plans on how to make these communities attractive to investors, which is why the focus of this session was: “Learn why modular is investable and how it helps focus capital flow towards environmentally positive projects.”

It’s no secret we’re facing a housing crisis here in America. There is an extremely high demand for housing that the construction industry currently cannot meet. Even worse, we seem unable to provide homes at prices that the majority of people can afford. To Vida Liz CEO Jessa Robuck, modular is the key to solving these issues. “It’s about how modular can supplement the great vision of Vida Luz, sustainable materiality, achieving an obtainable price point…” she described. The shorter timelines and more organized build process of modular vs. stick build will allow Vida to invest into building better buildings, using more sustainable materials, and passing off the savings in cost to the end user so they can actually afford to live there.

Vida Luz’s partners, Cornerstone Collective, also share the vision for modular. CEO Suzie Hall stressed the important of known vs. unknown timelines. In offsite and modular, you know exactly how long a project will take. This allows more room to plan out communities very intentionally, as there will be no hidden surprises down the line.

Ultimately, everyone on this panel agreed that modular can provide immediate and long-lasting results to the world of construction and community development, creating a vision for a community that will be very attractive to investors who truly want to solve the double-edged sword of our current housing and affordability crisis.

Offsite Dirt can’t wait to see all that these teams will accomplish!


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