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What is Set & Stitch in Offsite Modular Construction?

Audree interviews the team at T &M Ty Toler and Joshua Mcshanog. Josh and Ty were brought together to form T&M which primarily focuses on projects in modular construction with their expertise in set and stitch.

T & M focuses on single-family homes in bigger developments but they also work in hospitality and larger attached units. The unique thing is T&M both come from big commercial construction but they now focus on modular construction. They blend their expertise in traditional commercial construction with their expertise in set and stitch in modular construction. They provide an entire team approach to coordinate with the developer, architects, and manufacturers to bring the modular building process together. Typically in bigger scale projects in the residential space, you have to use commercial construction processes. But with T&M, they are able to use modular construction methods making the process faster and less expensive.

They are known for the largest military barracks construction just a few years ago. They started with the largest building temporary housing for military barracks. It was a complete design-build modular project. They used 70 x 15’ wide boxes. This is a $1.5 billion construction project. It was one of the largest modular projects in the country and finished in about nine months.

Hosted by Audree Grubesic, owner of Modular Sure

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