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OffSite Dirt Supports Future of Building: Wall Assembly Competition

4th Annual Student Wall Assembly Competition

The 4th annual Sweet 16 - Student Wall Assembly Competition launches this month. The annual competition elevates the ideas of young designers and skilled trade students. Students that entered this competition are the future of construction in building. Last year the competition yielded $20,000 in prizes to support students with training and bursaries for school costs, building science diagnostic tools to start a small business and cash prizes too.

This competition is hosted by BS+Beer KC plus and George Brown college.

Check out the highlight video from the 2022 Competition below.

If you'd like to be involved in the future of building here are some ways that you can help support this amazing competition:

Dedicated Competition Site:

The new page features a dedicated 'Sponsor' area with linked logos to your website and socials. All social posts made by the competition also feature a dedicated image highlighting all of our sponsors.

2023 Judges:

Our 7 judges from 2022 are the stuff of dreams (for students and sponsors too!). These elite professionals can be found published in Fine Homebuilding, JLC and also live on The Build Show Network. With 235,000 combined Instagram followers, our judges pack an impressive passive marketing punch for the competition.

2022 Live Promotions:

We launched the 2022 competition on a live webinar hosted by Fine Homebuilding, and saw promotion on BS + Beer and the Passive House Accelerator. The final live judging event was also hosted by Fine Homebuilding and led to published online articles in Fine Home Building and Green Building Advisor. These 'live' events are still available on Fine Homebuilding as recordings for anyone to watch.


Connor Malloy
Connor Malloy

Thanks for sharing, Audree!

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