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OffsiteDirt and Takeoffs Presents - Growing the Building Environment for Change

Mark Wille talks with Edie Dillman from B.Public Prefab, a company that focuses on creating change in the built environment and promoting sustainability. B.Public Prefab is a Benefit Corporation, which means they prioritize their mission and purpose alongside success. They are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions and transforming the building industry by supporting craftsman-quality off-site construction. In this episode, Edie and Mark discuss the training programs for offsite construction methods and attract like-minded individuals who want to be part of the change. They discuss projects and future events with the company based in New Mexico.

The Take Offs episode discusses the focus on using local and sustainable materials that builders, homeowners, and communities value. The conversation also touches on the comfort and durability of the homes built with these materials. Additionally, they discuss a B.PUBLIC project in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that blends modern technology with historic aesthetics that demonstrates the flexibility of the building method and how high performance “disapears” behind finishes and architectural style. Mark and Edie share dedication to the people who make a difference and build new homes with sustainability, craftsmanship, and community impact.

People, Planet, and Place are a big part of this episode. Mark shares his personal story of attending a builder training event in New Mexico and seeing first-hand the work and quality of B.PUBLIC. As colleagues with roots in Chicago, the episode has a little extra “flavor” as Edie and Mark enjoy a few laughs and much information about business and building better.


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