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One of A Kind Builder Training Program with Sustainable Wall Systems

Edie Dillman and Jonah Stanford owners of B Public Prefab, offer an update of their one of a kind builder training program. This program had many experts in the high performance, low carbon wall panel systems space, along with crane operating specialists. Each person that attended this program, felt the need to build better and understand how these applications work better in building. It was an exciting 2 day event to see so many builders wanting more knowledge and working with hands-on techniques to build. The last day was an open house for people in the community to check out the work completed.

B Public Prefab will be at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV offering insight to their unique wall panel sustainable build solution. Saving energy and building better with thermal break applications and sealants around windows and doors instill a high quality energy savings build system. Offsite Dirt is excited to see them expand and looking forward to their next project in the single family space. We will keep you posted on the next builder training program in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



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