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OPAL Architecture & Timber HP, Build, Design and Wood Fiber Insulation

Offsite Dirt connect with Matt O'Malia, of OPAL Architecture, a design built firm that uses high performance principle, materials and passive house built panel system for projects. They ask the question, "What if our buildings could improve the world?" Well, the answer is, they are designing them and using safe sustainable products in each one. By designing and building this way it is making a difference in their clients health and positive impact on how they live in their homes.

Audree Grubesic and Mark Wille hosts, dig in to the "Little House on the Ferry" project, along with other designs OPAL Architects have created using CLT products.

During the conversation we explore another start up company called Timber HP. The first of its kind in the United States, offering Wood Fiber Insulation products. Their manufacturing plant will be open in May, 2023. It will offer several products offering a High Performance insulation resourced from wood fiber, it is good for the Earth and those installing it.

They are producing Timber Batt, Timber Board and Timber Fill all produced in their retrofit old paper mill building in Madison, Maine. This iconic building is now reborn and creating new jobs along with a sustainable product that will change the way we insulate our projects, homes and multifamily residences.


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