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People's Choice for JLC Live Residential Construction Show, I vote for Aron Jones

By Mark Wille

The world of Instagram introduced me to construction professionals I had never worked with. While I cannot place the day I met him online I know when I saw a post from Aron or a story I would pay attention. The first time I saw him go LIVE I was hooked, and the growth of reels made it easy to see what project he was on and what lesson he was sharing. On LinkedIn you can find Aron Jones here:

& on #IG: I invite you to connect with him and dive into the work that he does. #IG: . I invite you to connect with him and dive into the work that he does.

Here are the candidates for the JLC Live Residential Construction Show:

Aron Jones - New Brunswick, Canda

Nielsen Crist - Bedminser, NJ

Sam Durdaller - Naples, FL

Mark Clement - Ambler, PA

Chris Land - Greenback, TN

Jeremy Kassel - Glenmont, NY

Aaron Miller - Pollard, AR

Andy Hopke - Mexico, MO

Nick Ridge, El Sobrante, CA

Make sure to vote by November 25, 2022

The LINK to the video is:

We met in person in March of 2022 in Rhode Island at JLC LIVE. Immediately we stroke up a conversation about the tools in the booths, the products on display and the presentations happening. Nonstop talk about all thing's construction. Through this we also told stories and gave feedback. Booth by booth we made it through the show and presentations. I do not think any of us stopped for lunch, but we stopped often for handshakes and hellos. It is exciting to walk through a show and meet folks you only know through IG or Zoom. One of the great things about JLC is the ability to pick up the products and tools and use them. We did just that "what I like" are common response to start a talk... then it moves to "what if this happens" or "how about if we try it this way" I can assure you that between Aron and I there were nonstop questions and products flying and buzzing. Being hands on is natural too many and Aron does not miss a beat. We were on our knees popping in decking and then using bits and blades and later attaching stone. Fueled by coffee, talk of what we love the cell phones were out but not for calls... to document a detail. To end the day, we headed to dinner and despite the efforts of the restaurant all we wanted was more time to talk. Exploration of topics and thriving from the desire to figure things out are strong qualities of Aron. Post dinner it was more walking and talking.

Aron Jones along with Gena Hoyt also came up with my PHavorite Holiday yet... "International Flashing Awareness Day." 2021 RED shirts that said "FLASH ME" made it all over North America and in 2022 The Blue Version was everywhere. If you want to see my favorite video on it check out this:

Talking you through his thought process of a task to be done and how to handle it is a gift that is honed over time. Aron has this gift finely honed and is always learning and sharing. You gotta love the spirit of sharing what we know! The photo above shows you the focus on not only what he is doing but how and why. Now check out this next photo...

One of the reasons I like this photo is it shows that sharing and teaching is part of how we learn and how others gain knowledge. Kelsey Spencer works with Aron Jones and Gena Hoyt daily. Together they created my PHavorite "Hashtag" #apprenticeshipisanobligation

Please check out the links for Aron Jones, learn more about JLC LIVE and cast your vote by November 25, 2022. Working with others is amazing and I encourage you to embrace apprenticeship like Aron does.

Ever EXPANDING REsults to you and your team with #greenstepsforward. ~ Mark Wille

Thank You to Havelock wool.


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