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Principals of Offsite Construction Building Techniques

Tue, April 27, 20215:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT

The Offsite Construction movement is all about systemizing our industry’s processes for how buildings get designed and built. For this month’s panel, we want to showcase some of the cutting-edge companies working to implement design + building systems that are faster, more efficient, and better for the planet and our health than traditional, stick-built construction.

For this panel, we’ll be learning about these companies' systems and asking these questions:

1. What are the main differences between your building system and traditional construction?

2. What benefits does your system bring to the end-user – the homeowner? Why would they want it?

3. What kind of building materials / products are compatible with your system?

4. What has been the biggest obstacle to getting your system approved at the building department or state level?

5. What is one of your system's highlight projects? What successes or achievements did it bring?


Mariana Pickering, LEED AP BD+C, CPHT, Co-Founder + CEO, Emu Systems

Emu Systems empowers the construction industry to build for the future through simplified, standardized, Passive House systems. We believe that the future of construction systems and the industry lies in the standardization and simplification of advanced building science through virtual prototyping and dynamic simulation. We work with builders and manufacturers to help them high-performance through both on and off-site methods.

Jan Pratschke, Co-Owner, Collective Carpentry

Collective Carpentry offers a unique and innovative approach to constructing comfortable, sustainable, high performance buildings. We specialize in Passive House and Net Zero design principles, low embodied carbon materials, and off-site prefabrication methods. Our mission is to bring quality, comfort, health, safety, wise economic choices, and environmental responsibility more within reach for our customers, employees, and collaborators.

Edie Dillman, Co-Founder + CEO, B.PUBLIC

B.PUBLIC has created user-friendly and innovative design and construction tools to market their groundbreaking approach to high-performance, petroleum-free building. They work directly with consumers to provide home plans, partner with local builders, support architects, and work with developers to specify their lego-like standard wall, floor, and top panels.


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