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Reducing Workflow Waste with Boxy and US Frame Factory

Meet Mateo Atwi originally from Louisiana, but went to school in Atlanta at Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering. He experienced several industries in college: manufacturing, wholesale jewelry manufacturing, and space industry at NASA. But once he graduated he saw a lot of opportunity in construction, so he found a job at BMarko building shipping container buildings. Soon after that he and his brother started their own prefab and modular construction company back in Louisiana in 2021. Once they started with BOXY they soon realized they needed to launch US Frame Factory to master framing.

In this interview with Offsite Dirt, Audree and Mark discuss workflow waste, how to bring construction online with pricing transparency, product availability, software integration. Lastly, Mateo explains how their businesses are not like other industries. (i.e. car manufacturers, software, space)


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