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Residential or Commercial: Growth in Panelization and Modular Building

Audree Grubesic, host of OffSite Dirt Construction series checks in with Devin Perry of the National Association of Home Builders on upcoming education and trends in modular construction.

Devin Perry is the Executive Director of Business Improvement Programs and staff liaison to the Building Systems Councils with the NAHB which represents the offsite construction industry. He explains that labor is still the biggest issue for the construction market.

The trends of what's happening for offsite solutions in Single Family Home builds are growing. The NAHB did a study, and they are seeing a kind of super subs for framing and labor solutions at the local level. The greatest increasing pre-cut or panelized and modular construction are increasing in system builds. Many companies are starting their own factories opening for development for their own projects. Learn more about the upcoming events from the


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