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Revolutionizing Offsite Construction: A Global Perspective and Innovative Solutions

Audree Grubesic from Offsite Dirt meets up with Cooper Lane, VP of Brave Control Solutions to discuss new trends in the world of offsite construction and the company's groundbreaking solutions.

Cooper shared his upcoming business trip to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Latvia, highlighting the cultural and commercial nuances to be considered in the Middle East compared to Canada. The conversation delved into their company's use of automation, challenges that standardization presents in the industry, and the necessity for flexibility in successful adoption.

Exploring New Horizons:

Cooper's excitement was palpable as he described his upcoming return to diverse locations like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Latvia. He shared his views on the cultural and commercial landscape and how they compare and contrast to what he is accustom to in Canada. The interview shed light on the valuable experience he has gained from traversing international boundaries, fostering a global perspective within the realm of offsite construction.

Innovative Offsite Solutions:

Cooper proudly shared his company's offsite construction solutions, particularly their utilization of CAD2FAB, a revolutionary programming architecture that harnesses the power of automation. As a systems integrator, they design and construct custom machinery using hardware like, robotic arms, gantry systems, drives, motors, sensors, and custom fixturing and tooling. Their commitment to streamlining processes and achieving maximum efficiency was evident, with a focus on data tracking and ROI-based solutions.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change:

There are many challenges associated with standardization in the construction industry. Both Audree and Cooper agree on the need for flexibility and choice, allowing consumers to adapt their behaviors as offsite solutions become the new standard. Cooper’s company, Brave Control Solutions’ approach as a systems integrator was explained, detailing their unique process of designing and building custom machinery from scratch. Despite industry-wide hurdles, the company showcased successful projects where their innovative solutions had a transformative impact.


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