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Shop Class Podcast talks with Offsite Dirt

Ron Grossinger of Shop Class Podcast speaks with Audree M Grubesic, an offsite construction expert and the owner of Modular Sure Site. This consulting Construction company collaborates with traditional builders and land developers looking to build their first offsite project. She has first-hand experience of project management on site of their offsite projects. Over the past 20+ years, she has excelled in marketing, sales, new business development, and homebuilding. Audree is also the Executive Editor at, which is devoted to bringing Offsite Construction professionals the most recent, relevant, and useful information available on industry trends, technology, design, volumetric, events, panel discussions, and more.

Shop Class Podcast has been very fortunate to have some great guest covering some awesome topics from robotics and 3D printing to welding and building go-karts. If you would like to be a highlighted guest on the show or know someone we should try to get on LET THEM KNOW!!! Send them an email at the link below or DM us on Instagram @shopclasspodcast To join in on the live discussion and make sure to catch up on past episodes on our new Shop Class Podcast YouTube Channel.

Join the fun every Wednesday 8 pm (EST) 7 pm (CST) Google Meet ID:


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