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Solutions for Moisture Problems in Construction

The OffsiteDirt series brings in Robert Kelly with Wick Right. Wick Right is an invention created by Bob the builder, as we call Robert Kelly. Wick Right creates hollow air space within the building structure to allow better air flow and help to remove moisture between the walls on the building exterior. The passive ventilation exhausts moisture vapor and prevents moisture intrusion, accumulation, damage and mold growth.

This product has changed 80 buildings in the Illinois over the past 10 years. His clients all say, the houses don't smell moldy anymore". There are only 4 basic materials that make the Wick Right product.

Having mold is very really dangerous. Mark said, "Sometimes we walk in the building and the actual drywall is falling. The rafters themselves trap moisture are rotting away. You really know that someone's safety could have medical issues and that is a real concern'.

The audience wants the dirt, you got it with an inventor that is changing buildings one at a time.


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