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Sustainable Containers to Meet Housing Crisis

OffSite Dirt host Audree Grubesic meets up with Rory Rubin, CEO, S.I. Container Builds . The demand for homes that people can afford is at an all-time high, and desire to adopt a sustainable lifestyle is following closely behind it. S.I. Container Builds mission is to make a positive impact on the living conditions of our community and the wellness of our planet by offering an innovative solution to combat the housing crisis and update the traditional way of construction. SICBS builds sustainable, certified shipping container homes at a quick production rate. All units are portable, accessible, recyclable, modern, weather-proof, low maintenance, easy to install, and double as a practice in conservation.

In this interview Offsite Dirt discusses the demand for Container Communities/Villages, modular container construction, and how container homes are an affordable, sustainable option for home buyers. Each product is specific for the customers needs for a rental home, cabin and suites. This custom process takes the hand of the client and offers a solution with ease and understanding to building a new home.


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